HTV • Printable Sheets - For Darks
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HTV • Printable Sheets - For Darks

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1 sheet - 8.5" x 11

Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl.

  • Printer settings to normal paper 8.x11 and normal resolution.  Single feed only. DO NOT MIRROR IMAGE. Print then allow to dry for at least 5 minutes.
  • Trim away all unwanted excess around and inside your image. Use your cutting machine to cut around detail or cut with your scissors. Be careful and remove the backing of the pre-printed image before heating. Do not let the image touch another part as the two backing will try to stick to each other once the backing is removed.
  • Pre-Press your fabric for 4 seconds to get wrinkles out of fabric prior to putting your image on it. No steam if using an iron.
  • Don’t forget to peel off the back gridlines transfer paper then lay your image (face up - printed side up) and unprinted side of the image goes directly down on your fabric.
  • Place parchment paper over your exposed image to protect your heat press or iron. Press at 374 degrees for 12 seconds with a high pressure. (If using an iron it needs to be a good iron that gets really hot, no steam and iron in small circles with firm strong pressure for at least 2 minutes).
  • After pressed onto fabric let image cool about 1 minute then remove parchment paper, IF using an iron & an area did not adhere well, then put parchment paper over image and repress for about a minute.
  • Do not wash fabric for 24 hours on regular cycle and hang to dry.

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