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Pouring Medium Kit • Dina Wakley®

Pouring Medium Kit • Dina Wakley®

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Contains one 4 fl.oz. bottle of Pouring Medium & one .5 fl.oz. bottle of Cell Creator

Use Dina Wakely Media pouring medium to achieve colorful poured sheets, puddles, marble and flow effects when mixed with Dina Wakley Media acrylic paints. Pouring medium is non-crackling and dries to a satin finish without holding bubbles and allows you to write, stamp, and draw on your pours. Dina Wakley Media pouring medium will not dilute color when used with Dina Wakley Media acrylic paints. Pour over various substrates such as Media Board, journal pages, wood panels, canvas and more. Packaged with a .5 ounce bottle of cell creator to add isolated variations in your pours. This inch package contains one 4 ounce bottle of pouring medium and one .5 ounce bottle of cell creator. Acid free. Non-Toxic. Adult Use Only. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.

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