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Crafters Hideaway

Sub-L Solution

1. PREHEAT garment at 320° F to get rid of moisture in
your cotton fabric.

2. SPRAY shirt with sub-l solution until VERY damp while
working the solution into the fibers of the cotton.

3. LAY wet shirt ON heat press and cover the wet shirt
with parchment paper (regular paper will stick).

4. Heat PRESS shirt at 320° F for 30 seconds with light
pressure to remove the sizing - you may see steam -
this is okay.

5. remove shirt from heat press & SPRAY on another coat
of SUB-L solution.

6. COVER wet shirt with a new sheet of parchment paper
& heat press again at 320° F, but only for 20 seconds
to set in the solution.

7. Set heat to 385° F & PRESS shirt for 10-20 seconds to
ensure the shirt is DRY.

8. Once dry, APPLY SUBLIMATION print using firm pressure
at 385° F for 70 seconds covered with 2 sheets of
butcher paper (not parchment paper).